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Gypsy Digital: Big Results, Nimble Partner

Gypsy Digital is a simpler way to get spectacular video production in today’s more competitive marketplace.

We are a collaborative of independent specialists. We’ve worked together in production and post-production in this town for decades. Producers, editors, designers, directors – we’ve held key positions at reputable facilities and ran our own studios for years.

Now, we’re applying the potential of that experience and those relationships to a new business model that is making waves.

As projects scale, we scale. Utilizing a solid stable of freelance pre and post-production folks, the full spectrum pipeline of production is available directly to our clients, in many cases allowing them to bypass agencies. Technology and a little ingenuity have allowed us to apply the successful film production world model to modern post-production.

Collaboration is key. From the beginning, the whole team get’s involved, coordinating and providing input without the traditional trickle-down workflow. Everyone is in the loop. Everyone is involved. Everyone benefits.

More of the client’s budget ends up on screen. Without the traditional expense of a brick and mortar facility, it’s a fine-tuned way to creatively communicate ideas without the expense of an old production model.

In short, it’s a simpler, smarter way to make great video, and we’d love the opportunity to show you. So give us a call.